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Business Strategy

Direct - Personal, Mail order, Online, Cloudsoft

Direct Marketing & Delivery:

PERSONAL MARKETING & IMPLEMENTATION is the conventional B2C model and with application of modern techniques it may be either personal, mail order, order or Cloudsoft technologies.

  1. In the conventional model of personal marketing and delivery it has the unique advantage of creating personal relation and better understanding of customer specific needs. SOFTECH always prefers to apply various advantages of personal marketing and in other variants of direct marketing also softech applies the basic principles of personal approach and always prefers personal implementation to the utmost satisfaction of customer.
  2. MAIL ORDER as direct marketing technology refers to order by the customer by mail with complete specifications and user requirements. With globalization of business and scattered customer base this is the best suited method especially for standard products and any way the personal approach is provided in dealing with customer through mail / chat,etc.
  3. ONLINEemerges as the most preferred method by customers with the advent of modern ICT that trail versions of standard products can be tested to the satisfaction and ordered by the customers. It has the unique advantage of flexibility, speed implementation and with the best 24 x 365 service back up of SOFTECH, this will be emerging field especially in the background of two decades of expertise of SOFTECH. The company will be shortly introduces several products for online marketing.
  4. CLOUDSOFT technology is emerging as more a customer oriented technology with potential to replace the entire present software delivery and implementation practices and SOFTECH is in the process of making several industry specific ERP products to gain the better advantage of this technology.

Instead of buying and maintaining expensive servers and software to manage information, companies can use our Web-based (cloud) applications to run their Application Software and get a high return on their investment. Cloud apps make it easy for the Corporate to efficiently & cost effectively manage information so that they could spend less time handling data and more time with their core business.

Softech’s CLOUDSOFT as business model ensures:

  • High reliability - uptime that exceeds 99.9%
  • High performance - data access in less than 300 ms
  • High security - industry certifications such as ISO27001 and SAS 70 Type II

Our effective ERP Cloud infrastructure is based on multi-tenancy, i.e., multiple customers sharing common technology and all running on the latest release, much like Google or With such multi-tenancy, the Customers need not worry about application or infrastructure upgrades as hey happen automatically. In fact, multi-tenancy lets our Customers to focus only on managing ERP, not managing technology. Hence, smart companies shall rely on a SOFTECH’S Cloud apps platform that has the unique advantage to give them complete freedom to customize for their business. In fact, these will the best way to boost adoption and make sure your ERP apps are working the way you did and in the way you always desire.

Softech is emerging to be a leader in cloud computing, offering a complete set of ISO Compatible established ERP cl oud applications separately for manufacturing companies and Educational Institutions as cloud platform and a cloud infrastructure on SaaS model. Shortly, we shall be launching our time tested established ERP products of MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning), CMS (College Management Software), RMS (Retailer Management Software) and SCM (Supply Chain Management Software).


AFFILIATE MARKETING refers to referral based marketing or revenue sharing whereby the Associate or Affiliate simply refers the potential buyers to the web site of the Merchant or Service Provider. Every Person with presence in the web can be a Affiliate and a Merchant can have any number of Affiliates. The revenue sharing comes when the person visiting the e commerce web site of Merchant makes a purchase from the Merchant. Once the Affiliate Arrangement is approved, 'Affiliate id' is provided with Syntax for placing standard banner in the web site of the Affiliate. It works so instantly and business could be commenced immediately with no investment and with no risk.

Affiliate Marketing as invention modern internet technology has several advantages over traditional Reseller Marketing viz.,

  1. Risk Free Advertising for Affiliate;
  2. Powerful and broader net work of Affiliate Marketing;
  3. Cost Effective and Long time Advertising for Service Provider (Merchant);
  4. Long term relationship for mutual profits for Merchant & Affiliate;
  5. No investment for Affiliate with unlimited potential for profits

Please click here to know and apply online as an afiiliate.


Attractive schemes to share our prosperity by entering into:

RESELLER ARRANGEMENT is a traditional proven form of Marketing the product or services through the Dealer Network which consists of Various Dealers mostly independent of each other. Under this, each Dealer will get a Floor price lesser than the direct selling price of service provider and also bulk discounts as incentive for better sales performances. The advantages are:

  1. The service provider and Dealer (s) are independent of each other;
  2. The service provider unless expressly agreed otherwise, normally may have any number of Dealers and similarly the Dealers may represent any number of service providers;
  3. Helps the dealers with free pricing, for unlimited profit opportunity for resellers and also, ability to get bulk discounts with increase in sales;
  4. Helps service providers to deal with few Dealers instead of dealing directly with numerous ultimate consumer customers;
  5. Helps the consumers better personal and after sales technical guidance in proper utilization of services.



With the revolution on Communication and Information Technology Outsourcing and Back office operation become order of the day. With change in global timing in various countries and knowledge of English as former colony of British, India is the most preferred destination in the world ensuring the economy, accuracy and promptness.

SOFTECH specializes on,

  • WEB ENABLED BACK OFFICE services such as Data Entry, Transcription (Legal & Medical), Call Center, BPO for Indian and Foreign clients;
  • SKILLS PLACEMENT / RESOURCES OUTSOURCING, as an approved vendor for reputed clients, best resources are provided to meet short term, long term and regular requirements.
  • SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY OUTSOURCING services such as Software upgrading, maintenance of ERP, inspecting software progress & quality, sourcing and undertaking software products and projects on behlf of clients companies in India and Abroad with Propriety to safeguard the best interest & requirements of client companies.
  • SOFTECH invites marketing associates throughout the world to introduce Business on mutually beneficial long standing business relationship Contact today.
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